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We focus on relieving pain from injury with our specialized chiropractic care

Don’t Put Healing On Hold

Injuries can affect many aspects of daily life, from major events to mundane activities. Where healing is concerned, don’t settle for less than the best. The state of your health is not negotiable. By visiting with our experienced and knowledgeable team, we can find the most effective path towards your personal wellness.
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Healing That Lasts

With Simply Wellness, we want to help you get moving again, by using custom patient treatment plans to ensure that we are working towards solving the root of your problems rather than simply treating the symptoms. By locating the underlying issues beneath your injuries, we can help you heal for the long term.

Tried And True

We treat patients with a variety of different injuries from head to toe. By using dependable and proven techniques, we are here to get you back to doing what you love. Our team is trained in massage therapy and ART (Advanced Release Technique) Chiropractics to rehabilitate patients into a healthy and sustainable lifestyle of healing.
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ART Chiropractic

Simply Wellness is pleased to provide exceptional massage therapy and ART chiropractic services that rehabilitate our patients to a healthy lifestyle. Patients that are treated with ART chiropractic techniques and massage therapy respond positively with decreased pain and an increase in flexibility, functionality, and mobility.

The most common techniques at our chiropractic clinic involve the adjusting of lower back or pelvis to realign joints, reduce pain or stiffness, and increase mobility. We provide an advanced release chiropractic technique, also known as ART chiropractic, aimed to strengthen the musculoskeletal system’s mobility. Following treatment pain, range of motion and strength will be reassessed in or to ensure nerves, ligaments, and tendons are fully functional and operational.

Massage Therapy

Car accident injuries can range from minor cuts to something more severe like neck pain, chronic headaches, and whiplash injury to the neck. Being in an auto accident can be overwhelming, and the highly experienced professional massage therapists at our chiropractic clinic ensure you are in a comfortable and safe environment to recover from car accidents. We offer extensive and affordable massage therapy used to relieve pain, address anxiety or depression, and aid in general wellness. 

At Simply Wellness, we use an integrative approach to manage chronic headache treatment and massage therapy to enhance recovery rates and prevent dependence on chiropractic care.

Massage therapy can aid:
• Low back pain
• Neck and shoulder pain
• Osteoarthritis of the knee
• Headaches
• and more

Simply Wellness offers a variety of state approved chiropractic techniques that focus on subluxations and spine structural correction.

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It's Time To Start Feeling Better!

You don't have to live in constant pain. Usually, there is an underlying problem.

Simply Wellness

We believe that good health is important for a good life and we want to do everything we can to help people achieve that. 
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